Obama’s Reneging on His Promise to Armenians Exposes His True Nature: SCUMBAG!


Though millions gaze at him as The One, Obama struck me as shady as Clinton was slick and Bush was dumb. Until recently, however, I would have regarded him as no worse than a weasel, a common creature in politics. But, Obama’s recent reneging on his promise to Armenians makes him nothing less than–there is no other word–a piece of scum. I understand the realpolitik considerations of American politicians who’ve avoided the issue of the Armenian genocide. Morally dishonorable but politically sound as Turkey has been an important ally.

But, when a man brings our attention to an issue as tragic as the Armenian genocide, makes a promise to the victim group, and stakes his moral worth on the promise, it becomes something more than a political issue. It becomes a moral, even a spiritual, issue. And, the Armenian tragedy wasn’t just another historical event but one involving the deaths of perhaps 1.5 million people. A promise staked on genocide must be followed through. Even for politicians, not everything is politics. Obama could have chosen to ignore the Armenian genocide during his campaign like all the other candidates. But, he raised our consciousness and the hopes of the Armenian community as if to suggest that he’s a different kind of leader–not just a politician after power but a man of high moral & spiritual principles. And, nothing is more serious in history than genocide. It’s one thing to promise and then renege on tax cuts or spending on highspeed trains. Genocide as a topic or issue should transcend politics.
Yet, Obama is exactly the sort who will even use genocide as a political stunt to win plaudits, admiration, and votes, and then thoughtlessly turn his back for political expediency. Nothing is sacred to this guy except his own fame and glory. His spews words like he prints money. It’s all inflated rhetoric or value. Obama is both shameless and self-righteous, a toxic mix. He’s an opportunistic huckster whose ego is such that he really thinks his lies are true if spoken pompously or eloquently enough.
Equally shameful is the lack of media outrage on this matter–and this includes the conservative media, which with its mindless pro-Zionism, is sighing with relief that Obama hasn’t alienated Turkey, a key ally of Israel. (To be fair, conservative media did raise a little fuss but dropped it like a hot potato soon enough, going back to their usually inane hysteria about the Muslim world about to conquer America! Attention to conservatives: Muslims did not bring Obama to power. Get it through your thick skulls. Obama’s sucking up to Muslims has little to do with appeasing Muslims. It is merely another attempt to pacify the Middle East for the benefit of Israel after the aggressive Bush Doctrine has failed.)
As long as Obama keeps his promise to Israel and the Jewish community, who cares about Armenian people, their tragedy, or their feelings of betrayal, right? Maybe, Armenians are not special or worthy enough. Their historical suffering is only worth exploiting as a campaign stunt. It would be nice if Jews, who also suffered a great genocide, would use their considerable media muscle to shame Obama on account of his disgraceful manipulations. But, since most Jews invested so much time, energy, money, and hope in Obama, why jeopardize their investment on account of silly little Armenians?
Jewish supporters of Obama have lost the moral authority to preach about the Holocaust. If liberal Jews can support with a clear conscience a man who glibly exploits a great historical tragedy as a cheap campaign stunt, they should be examining their own sick souls, not preaching to us about their own historical suffering.
Again, realpolitik considerations for not recognizing the Armenian genocide is understandable even if cold and amoral. But, when one voluntarily and righteously makes genocide an issue and stakes his moral superiority on it, he must follow through. There are promises and then there are Promises. You don’t make a big stink about genocide and then wipe it off your shoe like dogshit and walk away to win adulation from people who kicked the dog. Many people vehemently disagreed with Bush’s stem cell policy, but as Bush staked his position on moral and spiritual grounds–as a matter beyond politics–, people grudgingly respected his ‘stubbornness.’ But, everything is political with Obama, even genocide.

Obama doesn’t serve history, history serves Obama. So, this is what makes Michelle finally so proud to be an American? And, this is why liberals swoon and wet their pants over this guy? Because he treats the Armenian genocide like a pimp treats his girls? Obama obviously thinks he’s bigger than history and humanity which only exist to be manipulated to serve his ego, glory, popularity. And, we have enough fools to oblige his whims at every turn, because, oh my, he looks like a ‘rock star’.

Make no mistake about it. Obama is scum and no other word will do. Anyone who politicizes a great tragedy of the 20th century for short-term political gain is scum. Anyone who does it so easily, smoothly, and glibly is a liar and swindler. But, Obama knows he can do things like this because the liberal media will watch his back and protect him. Following revelations about Rev. Wright, he learned he could just make a ridiculous speech–evasive and half-baked–yet be praised as an equal of Lincoln and Kennedy by the media, his defacto publicity agents in the media. So, who cares if he merely used and disabused the Armenians? True, the media did cover the story but only in a perfunctory and muted manner. There was no widespread expression of media outrage, as when Reagan unwittingly visited Bitburg cemetery where SS officers were buried, which forced the White House to express remorse. So, why is there so little media outcry about Obama’s far more disgraceful act–a shameless, calculating, and willful exploitation of genocide? Obama must be the most brazenly cowardly politician in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, people in the media don’t seem to think all genocides are equal. As the Holocaust issue advantages Jewish power and Israel, it is played up to the hilt 24/7. We are endlessly informed about those evil Muslims and Arabs unwilling to acknowledge the full extent of the Holocaust or Israel’s right to exist? But, if the Armenian genocide gets in the way of Turkish-American or Israeli-Turkish relations so crucial to Zionist interests, it must take the backseat on the bus. Obama, on his own volition, promised Armenians and all of humanity that he would welcome Armenians to the front of the bus. Alas, it was just a stunt.. Obama insisted that he still believes what he said during the campaign, but he must be suffering from amnesia. Recently, ‘genocide’ morphed into a vague-sounding ‘terrible’. An historical crime suddenly became a mere historical accident. In Turkey, he sounded like just another crooked Ivy League lawyer trying to have it both ways. And, the media will not push him to clarify his positions. It’s as though Obama and the media are taking their cues from the Saul Alinsky book. Obama’s diplomatic actions in Turkey would be perfectly understandable had he not made the promise to the Armenian community and paraded his moral superiority. The fact is he excited a lot of people with his spiritualist and morally transforming image–with full backing of the liberal media–, so it does matter if he’s now acting like just another lawyer politician. It means Obama is worse than a politician. He’s charlatan, and his followers are mindless members of a personality cult. Obama, for all his anti-capitalist rhetoric, is a salesman who’s used to selling his image with a gentle fist bump and a smile. Knowing that the liberal white community has long been desperate for a smart black guy with a clean-cut and crisp image, Obama mastered the art of selling himself. He’s the Avon Lady of politics. He sold himself to Rezko and Arab-American businessmen on the South Side and then he found richer and more powerful Jewish patrons. He’s lower than a pimp; he’s a gigolo, who will sell himself to whatever and whomever will boost his cult and image at any given time. So, in front of the Armenian community, he’s Mr. Genocide Awareness. In Turkey, he’s Mr. Genocide Forgetfulness. With Arab-Americans, he’s a friend of Palestinians. With Jews, he’s a friend of Israel. With Acorn and blacks, he’s a big government liberal. With Wall Street, he’s Mr. Corporate Welfare. But, all said and done, Obama is most loyal to those who have money and power. The people who gave him the bulk of the $750 million he raked in. The people with control of the media. He’s the most expensive Avon Lady but he can be bought.

It’s not just Obama who’s rotten to the core. His handlers probably told him that he cannot sacrifice good relations with Turkey(so crucial to Israel) to placate those pesky Armenians. Obama and blacks make a big deal of American slavery, and Jews have turned into Holocaust in a universal issue and cause. They insist that recognition of black suffering and Jewish mass murder goes beyond politics and compromise. Yet, neither Obama–and his black supporters–nor Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod seem to have any qualms about having used the Armenian genocide as a mere campaign napkin to wipe and discard at a fast food joint. The media is mostly praising Obama for wooing the Turks and regaining their affection after bad bad Bush, and Armenians must pushed aside once again. Scum.