Do you BELIEVE in the Holocaust?

One of the problems I have with Holocaust remembrance is its aura of religious dogmatism.
Holocaust is a historical event but has been elevated into an article of faith than maintained as a matter of knowledge.

When it comes to the American Civil War or World War II, the relevant question is ‘do you know about this event?’ or ‘how much do you know about such-and-such?’ When it comes to the Holocaust, the question is ‘do you BELIEVE in the Holocaust?’, rather like asking, ‘do you believe in God?’
Personally, I believe that the Holocaust happened because I’ve been taught in schools, books, tv programs, and movies that it happened. I have no reason to doubt all the experts. I’m not a conspiracy nut, and I think most people in the Holocaust denial industry are creepy, dishonest, or just plain crazy. There seems to be more than ample evidence that the Holocaust did take place. I’m all for Holocaust revision, and perhaps fewer than 6 million died. That should be for genuine historians to do the research and decide.

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