Neofascist Review of DEFIANCE by Edward Zwick(and the New Republic Gang).

A review about Zwick’s DEFIANCE, a morale-boosting and morally bullying film about Jewish partisans fighting for survival against Nazis and their Belarusian collaborators. Zwick’s previous film was BLOOD DIAMOND, which I haven’t seen, but my impression is it blames Western greed for the political bloodshed in Africa. Isn’t it bemusing that Jews, who denounce antisemitic scapegoating for all the ills around the world, are ever so eager to blame the White West for all the poverty and corruption in Africa and the Third World? Jews condemn Blood Libel but they accuse whites with Blood Diamond, which is rather amusing since no ethnic group has been involved in the diamond industry as much as the Jews. Few things in this world are as venal and ugly as Jewish moral narcissism.


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