Brothers and Sisters, Why Are We(Christians and Muslims)Fighting? The Sickness of Hasan and the Evil of the Leftwing Jews.

There’s no question Nidal Malik Hasan is a dangerous psycho. Though we cannot justify what he did, we still need to understand his angst and motives–psychologically if not morally. People who do stuff like this generally have private or inner demons which attach themselves to certain agendas or ideologies. Even David Chapman and John Hinckley devised–and presumably believed in–reasons as to why they had to stalk and kill. The movies TAXI DRIVER and MISHIMA take us inside the minds of strange or eccentric people seeking to translate their extreme passions into public action. Moral crusade is the bridge from the subjective to the objective. Crazy people cannot win respect, sympathy, self-respect, nor even notoriety by personal craziness alone–except in modern art. Their craziness must attach itself like a lamprey to mainstream or political concerns. The process isn’t even conscious or opportunistic in most cases, and most crazy crusaders are true believers of their own lunacy. But, to understand such people, we must first look into the core of their personality. While it’s true that even normal people can be driven mad by undue stress, some people are genetically more pre-disposed.


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