Thoughts on Alex Kurtagic’s Article SOMETHING TO DREAM.

“I have argued that the reasons campaigners have failed to make real political progress, in spite of having logical arguments, a moral case, and massive supporting data, is that, in the effort to persuade and inspire action, key aspects of human psychology have been ignored. Even though he is typically steeped in sociobiology, the White advocate has generally relied on rational persuasion to advance pro-White agenda, neglecting well-known pre-rational motivators, such as the need for status and self-esteem (which he knows well enough), and the role of emotion (which he often deplores).”

This is false. Too many outspoken elements of the White Nationalism have done just the opposite, making the entire movement look ridiculous(not to mention evil and stupid) by lighting crosses and carrying out other dumb rituals, getting swastika tattoos on their asses and heads(hard to tell which is which among skinheads), denying an obvious historical facts like the Holocaust, apologizing for lunatic Hitler, exaggerating racial differences(which, though substantially real, isn’t exactly like man vs ape), ugly and hideous metal music(talk about ‘degenerate art’!!!), fetishizing laughable neo-pagan rituals associated to wicca and black magic, arguing that Jesus was blonde and blue eyed Aryan, and etc, etc. If anything, it’s such ridiculous, anti-factual, and anti-rational expressions which have made it easy for scumbags at ACLU and SPLC to characterize white nationalism as the last refuge of human refuse.

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