ARK CINEMA: Core Collection of Great Films.

As is so often the case, the original aim of this project was compromised–or corrupted–with the ever irresistible temptation to add more titles falling short of masterpiece status. As with any experiment, permitting a bit of impurity contaminates the entire batch.
On the other hand, art is neither science nor religion. There is no infallibly objective way to measure absolute greatness, and it is pointless to argue what is and isn’t truly sacred in art. Art is made and graded by man, not by God or the gods.
Furthermore, list-making isn’t the same as wine making. Impurities which may ruin wines may, in certain cases, enrich art and culture. Some of the most memorable works of art are deeply or even fundamentally flawed; yet, those flaws may, on occasion, work to advantage by casting odd shadows on what might otherwise have been blaring brightness. Sun spots don’t destroy the sun; indeed, they make the sun more interesting. And though man conceived of God as Perfection, His flaws are as interesting as His purported perfection. This isn’t to say flaws are of the essence or constitute a natural advantage in art. Generally they are damaging, rather like genetic mutations. But just as certain mutations contribute something new–even something advantageous–, artistic flaws can sometimes be the budding of new possibilities that have yet to prove their worth. In another way, like birthmarks, freckles , or scars, flaws can add character or the element of humanness to a work of art. Independent films may not be up to professional standards technically, but the crudities can add a measure of vitality. Or, the crowd-pleasing elements of a film may make up in charm what they take away in consistency. Though people aim for perfection, nothing is as unhuman as perfection.



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