Are you a leftist who opposed US invasion of Iraq? Then, explain your defense of the ‘right of Israel to exist’?

Though Hussein was a scumbag, a good argument could be made against the invasion. One could argue that Iraq didn’t attack the US, was no threat to the US, and was not involved in 9/11. (By the way, went one better and even opposed the invasion of afghanistan because, in its warped anti-neo-imperialst worldview–typically chomskyite–, any group that hates or attacks the US is motivated by American domination of the world through global capitalism. This argument is funny since it really amounts to a new form of anti-semitsm. The most important agents and champions of globalism are American Jews, most of them liberals. Of course, neocons are also for globalism, but they’ve been much at odd with Paleocons who tend not to be Jewish and prefer national capitalism over globalist capitalism. Anyway, if US economic ‘domination’ is imperialist, the villains are mostly American Jews. It’s not the dimwit Southern white baptists, negroes, Hispanic lettuce pickers, or South Dakotans who manage and reap huge rewards from the global economy. Sure, there is Walmart but much of its business operations are run and managed by liberal Jews. And, look at Hollywood and US media with worldwide influence and control. They are mostly Jewish-owned. Even Fox is an hononary Jewish company because Murdoch is a neocon pro-Zionist and has hired mostly super liberal Jews to run the entertainment departments. It’s not Mormons, hicks, or Midwestern Swedes who own and run Hollywood. So, if globalism dominated by the US is indeed imperialist, neo-imperialism is controlled by Jews since Jews control the US. So, anti-Americanism has become the new anti-semitism, which explains why Godard’s anti-American sentiments cannot be disassociated with his anti-Jewish sentiments. Many leftists feel betrayed because the holocaust was supposed to have taught the Jews a lesson once and for all; Jews were supposed to be noble saints and lovable victims for all time, but most Jews turned out to be ‘greedy’ capitalists or imperialists–over the Palestinians. So, it’s awful frustrating to people like Godard. He’s sorry that cinema didn’t stop the Holocaust–come to think of it, it didn’t stop the Great Famine in Ukraine, the Great Leap Forward in China, and the Killing Fields in Cambodia either, but I guess they matter less. He dutifully obsesses over the horror of the Holocaust. But, the very people he wants to embrace and sympathize with are now the richest and the most powerful people on Earth. Jews run Hollywood and have commited ‘cultural genocide’ the world over. Jews have manipulated US political and military power to make trouble in the middle east. Jews, with the help of the US, has crushed Palestinians and gotten away with murder.)


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