Are Black Problems the Product of White Conditioning?

Many white people complain that black tend to be lazy, dependent, criminal, loud, aggressive, and anti-intellectual. Black people complain that this is due to the centuries-old legacy of white slavery and discrimination that followed. They say that black people were ‘bred’ this way by white folks. So, if black students don’t take their studies as seriously as white students, it’s because white people had long tried to keep blacks illiterate and ignorant in the past. If black people tend to be dependent and lazy, it’s because they weren’t allowed to develop a work ethic.

But, are these complaint really true? Are black problems solely or mainly the product of white wrongs done to blacks? Was it because whites ‘bred’ and/or conditioned blacks in ways that proved to be destructive or dangerous? Upon close inspection, there’s a problem with what we shall the Bred Theory. “I gots no bread cuz the way I was bred.”

If blacks today are the way they are because white people ‘bred’ them that way, two questions are in order. Did white people really ‘breed’ or condition blacks that way? And, if blacks act in the way they’ve been ‘bred’ by whites, why are the results so uneven and haphazard?

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