Another Way of Looking at the Henry Louis Gates and White Policeman Incident.

The recent incident involving the arrest of Harvard African-American Studies professor by Sgt. Crowley(who happens to be white) ignited a discussion across the nation about race, history, crime, and etc. This is both unfortunate and welcome. Unfortunate because it obfuscates what really happened that night–a pompous snot-nosed downity(prone to looking down on social inferiors) black professor gave a good cop unnecessary trouble, eventually pushing the liberal, politically correct, Obama-supporting white officer to arrest Gates. But, it is welcome to the extent that we do need more honest discussions on race, and if this incident has us talking, all the better. Of course, what passes for ‘honest’ discussion on race often happens to be more of the same politically correct cliches about white police brutality/harassment and the history of black(and Latino)grievances. (Never mind the far greater animosity that exists between the black and Hispanic communities. Hispanics generally haven’t had the kind of sour problem that exists between blacks and white cops. The biggest tensions between Hispanics and policemen flared up in Washington D.C. where majority of the cops happened to be black).


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