Alice Gregory Is Selective to Say the Least When It Comes to PSEUDO-SCIENCE.

, she lists, in her cherry-picked way, some of the examples of pseudo-science in our age. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that a liberal-Zionist news magazine would name examples of right-wing abuses, it’s still worth stating that neither side owns what goes by the name of pseudo-science.

In some ways, pseudo-science is a bigger problem on the right, in some ways a bigger problem on the left. On the right, there’s the idiocy of Creationism and the mendacity that surrounds what goes by the name of Intelligent Design, which would have God as a Jewish computer programmer than a grand old man. When it comes to some issues, the Christian Right is just dead in the head.
To be sure, there is the secular right that embraces Darwinism, but its views range from the empirical/factual observations to silly theorizing that European Jews are really of Khazarian origin. If Christian Rightists are pretty hopeless in the matter of science, some on the secular right get carried away on the role of race and biology in human behavior. One saving grace of Christian conservatives is their commitment to religion prevents them from speculating too freely about matters that can easily morph into pseudo-science.
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