Adolf Hitler, not the Frankfurt School, Was the Real Cause of Downfall of the White Right.

There is a prevailing view among the antisemitic and some of the counter-Jewite Right that the decline and dissipation of the white race and Western culture are the invariable result of the influence of the Frankfurt School. Some even argue that the Frankfurt variation of Marxism ultimately did more damage than hardline Marxism ever did. If the main school of Marxism called for violent revolution and overthrow of the capitalist/conservative order–and thus could be countered and fought against as a dangerous enemy–, members of the Frankfurt School appeared on the scene as respectable, balanced, and judicious scholars. They rode inside the Trojan Horse of bourgeois respectability. For their heterodoxy, they were denounced and distrusted by dogmatic and statist leftists AND admired and respected by the educated/progressive capitalist class with intellectual aspirations. Had Frankfurters called for an outright assault on the Free West, they would have been identified and targeted as hardline radicals. But, they arrived on American shores as free-thinking intellectuals interested mainly in academic matters. Therefore, they were not met with the same suspicion as men like Lenin or Trotsky had been in pre-revolutionary Russia. Frankurters didn’t lead the masses to overthrow the government; indeed, they even admitted that possibility of violent revolution has either passed or was undesirable. Instead of playing the ardent warrior out to attack your body, the Frankfurt School played the doctor wanting to diagnose and cure you. For this reason, many members of the American intellectual elite were seduced by their observations, ideas, and proposals. White Americans failed to understand that the analysis and medicine being prescribed by the Frankfurters were really a form of poison. In this sense, the Frankfurters didn’t destroyl White America as an EXTERNAL enemy but as an INTERNAL agent. This isn’t to say that the Frankfurters consciously knew what they were doing. For all we know, they might have been sincere in their conviction in the progress and advancement of mankind. Even so, the Frankfurters couldn’t have failed to notice that they were working deceptively on some level.


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